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Agricultural Resources In South Africa

Sharon Fruit Fingers with Granola and Yogurt

Sharon Fruit Fingers with Granola and YogurtIngredients for 6 servings:

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Sharon Fruit Jam


  • 1 kg Sharon™ Fruit
  • ½ kg sugar
  • 1 lemon


  • Remove the leaves and upper part of fruit.
  • Halve the fruit and with a sharp knife cut 1 by 2 cm strips.
  • Put in glass bowl, spread sugar on top.
  • Slice unpeeled lemon thinly, add to Sharon™ Fruit bowl and mix with sugar.
  • Cook in microwave oven for 8 minutes, take out and stir.
  • Cook another 8 minutes, remove and stir.
  • Continue cooking 4 minutes at a time until the desired consistency is reached.
  • Cool and transfer into jar. Keep refrigerated.
  • Jam keeps for a long time.
  • Serve as accompaniment to cold water or with fresh bread.